Episode 2: Aerial Imagery like the Red Bull team with Aaron Fitzgerald

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Have you ever looked at the aerial shots in a movie or television show and wondered where they came from? Today’s guest is the owner and chief pilot at Airborne Images, a company that produces aerial shots and footage for film production companies, movie studios, TV networks, and sports networks.

Aaron Fitzgerald is not only a pilot, aerial photographer, and entrepreneur, he’s also a skilled aerobatics pilot. Aaron served in the US army as a paratrooper before getting into the aviation business. He’s a member of Red Bull’s helicopter team, The Flying Bulls. He’s worked in over a hundred film and television projects.

Aaron joins the podcast today to talk about how he got into aviation and what it’s like to have an exciting career in the industry. Listen to the episode to hear what Aaron has to say about what it’s like to fly with the Red Bull helicopter team, where he sees the aviation industry going, and what people who are interested in aviation should do if they want to get into the business.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  • How Aaron got interested in aviation as a child
  • What Aaron’s first helicopter ride was like
  • How Aaron got into aviation as a career
  • What Aaron’s progression from initial flight to solo to certification looked like
  • Aaron’s most memorable flying experience
  • What excites Aaron most about flying
  • What it’s like flying with the Red Bull helicopter team
  • Aaron’s upcoming shows
  • Details about Aaron’s aircraft
  • Aaron’s thoughts on the pilot shortage
  • Where Aaron sees the aviation industry going over the next five to ten years
  • Things Aaron wishes he’d known before he got started in aviation
  • Aaron’s favorite flying tools
  • Aaron’s flying playlist
  • The hardest thing about Aaron’s job
  • Aaron’s mentors and what he learned from them

Links and Resources:

Aaron Fitzgerald

Airborne Images

The Flying Bulls

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