Episode 1: Air Race Championships with Anthony Oshinuga

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Can you imagine flying for 75 hours? Can you imagine making that flight in a biplane? Anthony Oshinuga didn’t just imagine it, he lived it.

Anthony is an accomplished air race pilot and the first African American air race pilot ever to enter the Reno national air race and have a podium finish. Anthony joins the podcast today to talk about his career and experiences in the aviation industry. Listen to the episode to hear how Anthony got started in the aviation industry, what he wishes he’d known ahead of time, and what a typical day in his life looks like.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  • Anthony’s attempted flight to Alaska
  • How Anthony got started in aviation
  • Anthony’s history as a college basketball player
  • What it was like to balance studies and athletics
  • How long it took Anthony to get licensed and what the progression was like from there
  • The financial investment required to get into aviation
  • What holds people back from getting more invested in flying
  • Why people may have trouble relating to the aviation industry
  • One of Anthony’s recent success stories
  • Things Anthony wishes he knew before he got started in aviation
  • Areas where Anthony would like to improve
  • Tools that Anthony likes to use when flying
  • What Anthony’s typical day looks like
  • What Anthony’s plane is like and why it’s special
  • Anthony’s dream airplane

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