UncategorizedAviation Marketing: 4 Current Strategies to Reach New Audiences

Your marketing efforts will only take flight if you use modern strategies to reach current audiences.
The aviation industry isn’t yet using the best methods to reach potential Millennial and Generation Z flyers. These groups are on the brink of representing the generation with the most buying power in the market today.
This new audience can’t be reached without a full modern marketing strategy including:

  1. Video production: Immerse New Audiences in the Private Aviation World
    Video is effective medium for creating personnel retention and corporate culture videos. Professional photography is a key part of gathering visuals for content across all platforms, and in-video stills.
    Video is experiencing a revolution now that it is merged with the digital world. Social media platforms have made live video far more accessible, effective and engaging than it ever was in the past. Your brand can immerse new audiences in the elegant world of private aviation through the powerful combination of professional video production and digital targeting.

  3. SEO & Content Marketing: Tools to Modernize Private Aviation Marketing
    This is a multi-dimensional digital marketing strategy. Private aviation entities need to produce guides, how-tos, white papers and studies that appeal to other industry professionals, and private aviation consumers. These must be optimized to rank high in search engine results through SEO practices. SEO covers a wide range of online activities including, but not limited to, onsite optimization, and performance analytics for consistent improvement.
    Your over-arching goal is to become a resource for information about flying private. If your brand is synonymous with good information about private aviation (the goal of any content marketing project,) you’ve already won. Sales will follow your efforts in a compounding pattern.

  5. Outreach Marketing: The Medium that Makes Your Voice Your Brand
    Your brand becomes synonymous with your voice when you use personable, easy-to-consume content like podcasts, articles, influencer deals, and more. Millennials and Generation Z. like to understand the lifestyle and culture that comes with their products. Influencers on social media are some of the most effective people to choose to represent brands. The only way for them to know that is often to hear from a representative they like. This could be a good writer or a podcast host who knows the industry inside and out.
    Private aviation has an advantage in this marketing style. Pilots are cool and fun to hear from, and there’s no shortage of adventure and luxury stories for people in this industry to tell. Podcasts are a particularly effective medium because people can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Fans of podcasts tend to become miniature online communities. Developing a podcast audience is a long-term investment in the stability and visibility of your brand.

  7. Paid Advertising: See Results Sooner by Getting Your Private Aviation Brand Placed on the Best Platforms
    Private aviation brands can invest in long-term strategies like SEO and recognition and influence building though outreach, but these need to be combined with efforts that get your brand under the eyes of future flyers overnight.
    Paid advertising includes social media ads, targeted Facebook marketing, Google Adwords, and a full suite of the latest advertising tools.
    Building authority takes time and effort, but these methods are effective short-term advertising solutions. Not only that, the reach of these methods makes them excellent for a luxury service such as private aviation.
    Many digital advertising tools are oriented to charge a small amount per click. However, high end services like private aviation reap an incredible amount of rewards even from a single new consumer. That’s why these low cost, high exposure digital tools are so powerful for the private aviation industry.

    Consumer Priorities Among Millennials: How to Approach New Audiences

    Multiple consumer surveys have revealed that Millennials have distinct behavioral patterns in terms of what they purchase and why they bought it. Here are a few findings that are worth remembering when you create your marketing plan.

    Many Millennials Review Blogs Before Making a Purchase

    Surveys found that 33% of Millennials rely on blogs to help inform their decision making. The more complex a purchasing decision is, the more this information will feel necessary. Private aviation charters or subscriptions are complex purchases. Assume this type of research-heavy behavior will apply to your consumers.

    Millennials and Newer Generations Like High-Engagement Brands

    Using all digital platforms to craft personal messages is worthwhile when you are trying to attract Millennials and newer generations. In public forums, even one-on-one interactions are worthwhile because even one of them shows newcomers and quiet potential consumers how you interact with your brand.

    Private Aviation Marketing Strategies to Reach New Audiences

    Offland Media’s team of expert aviators, marketers, videographers and influencers has helped bring private aviation brands into the 21st century. Contact us online or call us at (800) 604-5193 to begin creating your strategy for new audience outreach.

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